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Our company has got more then 7 years experience in defining HR recruitment processes. Recruitment is a very complicated process: research, sales, and administration as well. Unfortunatelly it is usual that our HR collegues spent more of their worktime with administration such as:

  • maintenance of the existing database
  • handling, moderating incoming applications
  • candidate management
  • managing Social Media
  • interview organization
  • handling moderation manually  (sent to business leaders)
  • notificate manually all candidates through emails etc.

Using these huge databases and getting out the adequate information is almost impossible without using business intelligence as an ATS.

But the most comprehensive business intelligence system is also useless if the requested information doesn’t get into database in adequate format because of the  inelasticity  of the software. That’s why you need a real ATS, such as RECRUITO ATS.



Our ATS solution is


  • reliable
  • cost effective
  • productive - faster processes
  • online, web based
  • secure
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Our services


Applicant Tracking System

RECRUITO ATS is an online, web based server-client solution. It doesn’t require any installation, available almost any device having internet browser. (preferably Chrome or Firefox and Safari)


Career Portal

Integrated career portal with a user friendly interfaces and functions. Potential candidates can register  and apply to jobs, even through their Linkedin or Facebook accounts only with few clicks.


Cloud Service

All of our products our cloud based using RECRUITO cloud. (available in local use as well) Your data is secured every time thanks to  the security backups made 3 times a day. The HTTPS based signed and secured connection guarantee the secured communication.



During an implementation of a new IT system, usually there are conflicts at user side which is a really frequent problem. Habitual processes sometimes could obstruct successful implementation.
We provide continuous support - consultancy and education as needed - during the preparation and implementation as well.



11. Sep

Assigning candidate to search

Assignment = Assigning potential candidates to a search 

8. Sep


  • User friendly, transparent structure
  • Filtering, grouping, exporting assigned candidates
  • Review organized interviews
  • Uploading documents in folder structure
8. Sep

NEW LOG view for review candidate data changes

  • candidate actions
  • Assignments changes
  • Organized interview 
  • Uploaded documents
  • System emails


3. Mar

Now it's official:

GAMELOFT Hungary - Romania - Bulgaria has chosen RECRUITO ATS